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Los Angeles, CA

William R. Washington, better known by his stage name "B.A"., is an American rapper, songwriter, and music producer residing in Los Angeles, CA.

Born into a family of musicians and performers, William is consistently raising the bar higher than those that have come before him. He creates music with one goal in mind: to leave a sonic legacy that will impact the world today and future generations long after he is no longer living.

"To be honest, I just love music...plain and simple. I don't aim to please anyone with the music I create and I don't apologize if the subject matter rubs people the wrong way. Music, much like people, is [are] meant to be experienced [understood] and not judged. If you don't have the capacity to do that [seek understanding] with what I release then that's're just probably not who it was created for."

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Life is constantly changing, whether we're ready for it to or not. Changes is an introspective look at life and the power of choosing to make adjustments that will provide for a better tomorrow...even if it means leaving habits and people behind to get there. Click the artwork to listen on Spotify.

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